Super Clear PET & Hardcoat PET Film

HX, being offered with Yihu Toray, co-operates to produce & supply a Super Clear Polyester PET film with primer coated for achieving excellent clarity and printability. Its benefit falls in various printing with UV ink as well as solvent based ink.

Together with 2 coating line with texturized and hardcoating availability, we offer different Hardcoating PET film products which is equivalent to Macdermid Autotype PET products. It’s a good material for nameplate, overlay, membrane switches which requires stronger anti-scratches surface, e.g. medical appliance, oil station panel, etc. Our PET film can be IMD to produce various kinds of products, e.g. Back cover for mobile phone and PDA display.

TCC (UY4200)Super Clear PET (Primer treated for Solvent based ink)
TCC (UY4300)Super Clear PET (Primer treated for UV ink)
EBG130, EBG180, EBG250Transparent Clear Hardcoat PET2-3H
EBA130, EBA180, EBA250Anti-glare Hardcoat PET
F150L, F200L, F280LFine Matte/Gloss Hardcoat PET
V150L, V200L, V280LVelvet/Gloss Hardcoat PET
HL150L, HL200L, HL280Hairline/Gloss Hardcoat PET
ST150L, ST200L, ST280Soft Touch Hardcoat PET

Thickness (Roll)0.13, 0.15, 0.188, 0.2, 0.25, 0.28mm
Dimension (Roll)1000mm x 200m
Masking1-side Green PE masking
  • - Display module for mobile phone
  • - Display screen for TV screen
  • - Display frame for TV, monitor
  • - Touch panel for mobile phone
  • - Membrane switches